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The applications not only must be robust, stable, efficient, fast but also they must be nice. Between two programs that fulfill the same requests the user will choose the one that is visually more agreeable. And in this aspect the topic of the icons fulfills an essential function.

Of so much meanwhile someone asks in the forum where to find icons. There are many pages, be already of free icons or of those of payment. The ideal thing is that the icons of our application have a common aesthetics and to avoid to mix flat icons with others with effect 3D. Often to find the suitable set is not easy since very much depends on the type of application that we are developing. An example: one of the applications at which I am employed is a system for big kitchens (hospitals, schools, old people’s homes, communes). To find a set of icons of this topic is not easy (menus, food, for giving only a few examples). Also it is necessary to bear in mind the sense of the system, in my case it is a question of a system to improve the feeding and an icon of a hamburger is not the most representative thing in this case.

Here others have a list of pages with interesting icons, some are free, others not.



1st logo design (Jesús Moreno’s web page, a wellknown Clarion programmer)

Icons icons

FreeIconsWeb (be patience with this one)

These are just a few web pages but I will keep updating this entry.

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