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TDC software development and consulting offers a wide range of custom IT programming services. We have outstanding experience in custom database development, desktop and distributed application design as well as various custom software components and web-project programming. We are experts using development as Clarion (from version 4 up to 10) and PCSoft’s products (Windev, Webdev and Windev Mobile, from version 11 to 20). We also have a vast experience working with databases such as MS-SQL, Oracle and MySQL as back-end for your data.


Software development

Desktop, web and mobile applications, using top edge development tools.

Our vastly experience allows us to deliver professional application in the platform that suits better for you.

Database design

Design your database, normalize it and optimize your response time.

Design, normalize and speed your database up. We know how to do it and you’ll be amazed with the results.

User interface redesign

Convert your old design to a new modern and clean interface.

Give your old application a modern look and feel. Improve your user experience and follow the new standards.



Version Control System

It’s a tool that enables developers to keep historical versions of the files under development and to retrieve past versions. It stores version information for every file (and the entire project structure) in an integrated database.


Issues Tracking System

It’s an integrated bug tracker, requirements manager, and help desk incident tracker specifically designed with an emphasis on helping software development teams to collaborate better and ship software on time.


Version Control and Tracking Issues System

It’s a tool where you can have the best of both systems (VCS and ITS) in one, totally integrated. With this tool you can get all the benefits and features from both systems but in just one complete tool.


CRM Web Project

Web Workflows

Dietist web module


Metro web



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Web order system

Time-Keeping and Clocking In System

Master Cater System

Accounting system

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Carrer Estudi General de Girona 50

17003 Girona, Spain

Tel: 671354866

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